Just 31 GIFs Of The Most Clever Animals We've Ever Seen

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Sometimes we don't give our furry friends enough credit for how smart they can be. Here are 31 animals who prove exactly that.

1. I said it's MY TURN.

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2. When you really NEED that midnight snack.

3. Two for me.

4. Puzzle solved.

5. Gates? Who needs gates?

6. Speechless 😯

7. Ask and you shall receive.

8. With no saddle, too.

9. Sometimes, it's just easier to do things yourself.

10. My dinner please, Jeeves.

11. Savage, dog. Savage.

12. "No one cared who I was until I took off the mask"

13. A very intense rescue mission:

14. Peeing in the grass is for animals.

15. Gotta keep one jump ahead of the human.

16. This is some serious problem solving.

17. The desire to nap can spur true genius.

18. Absolutely brilliant.

19. BRB, just playing with my iPad.

20. This dog tricks SO MANY PEOPLE into playing with her.


21. I will free you, comrade.

22. This cat knows what's up.

23. This bird is getting ready for a date.

24. Will find any way up to where the treats live.

25. Teamwork at its finest.

26. Let me show you how to do it.

27. Posable thumbs are overrated.

28. Fine, I'll play by myself.

29. Smart AND good oral hygiene? The total package.

30. Best survival show ever.

31. I laugh at your pesky "drawers."

32. We were lost after like the first step.