Company Awards Cute Dog With An Amazing Holiday Bonus

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Hard work should always be rewarded, especially during the holidays. That's exactly what the higher ups at a Colorado insurance restoration company believed when they gave one of the most dedicated employees a Christmas bonus.


It didn't matter, of course, that the employee was furrier with big, floppy ears.

Video of the Day

According to reddit user deltagibbs, this dog comes to work every day with with its owner.

For this pup's dedication, the company's bosses decided he had earned a end-of-the-year bonus like everyone else at the office.

The bonus included a card and a thoughtful $50 gift certificate to Petsmart, where the Aussie mix rescue pup, Sargent Slaughter, can hopefully pick from an array of delightful bones and toys.

Unsurprisingly, the poster commented that the workplace is particularly delightful for dog owners and lovers. Though Sargent Slaughter (who apparently earned his nickname by being an intense little puppy) is a registered support dog, the office is generally dog friendly. They even keep dog treats around throughout the year just for their canine companion's enjoyment.

Hopefully Sargent Slaughter will enjoy every bit of his well-earned bonus!