Dozens Of Cats Take Over Farm: I Guess This Is How You Get Cats

There is a farm in Russia where packs of Siberian kitties roam free, and cat-lovers dreams come true.

Alla Lebedeva and her family run the accidental oasis, which sprung up after the now-resident cats adopted her farmland outside of Barnaul, Siberia.

The cats of Lebedeva's "catland" are all Siberians, who are known for having both incredible intelligence and extremely thick coats to help them handle the freezing elements in their cold-weather environment.

Lebedeva's impressive cat estate began with one beautiful kitty, Babushka. After she had a litter of five kittens back in 2004, more and more cats in the neighborhood began showing up, according to My Modern Met. The cats quickly multiplied, as cats are want to do, and now hoards of kitties are basically running the place.

The cats earn their keep by hunting rats and mice.

The groups share three rooms in the henhouse.

Lebedeva keeps all the fans of her kitty world updated on both her Twitter and YouTube pages.

The farmers and farm residents all seem to live in a happily amongst the packs of cats, proving that if you just let cats be in charge like they want to be, they can create a pretty harmonious little world.