Cat Born With Two Faces Defies All Odds

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When you stare into the eyes of an adorable kitty, you typically expect to look into a set of two, big, adoring eyes. But, if you were staring into the eyes of this extra special recently-born kitty, you'd see four eyes happily looking back at you.


Bettie Bee was born on December 12 of this year in South Africa. By all accounts, she's a healthy, normal cat. Except, of course, for the fact that she has two faces.

Her condition makes her known as a Janus Cat. It's not unheard of, it is extremely rare.

It's even rarer that the Janus Cat survives in the womb, through the birth process, and continues to thrive, as Bettie Bee is doing.


The human who owned her mother saw that Bettie Bee wasn't getting properly nursed. So she took her to a local cat rescuer known for caring for special needs kittens. There, she's getting the best care and growing nicely.

Her condition is known as craniofacial duplication, and it happens during the developmental process thanks to an unruly gene acting abnormally. Many animals who suffer from this birth defect do not have the capability suffer too many complications and don't live very long. But Bettie Bee seems to be able to nurse and swallow from either face that lead to the same stomach.


Though she's only just under two weeks old right now, there's a lot of hope for her continued survival.

Because she was already becoming somewhat of a local kitty celebrity, her caretaker began a Facebook page so all her fans could monitor her growth. And it already has over 28,000 followers.


Looking at Bettie Bee is not only a delightful experience because she's so adorable, it's also great reminder that kitty miracles can and do exist.

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