This Therapy Dog Wears Glasses For A Very Important Reason

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Some people feel self conscious about wearing glasses, but not Rusty the therapy dog. The adorable 15-year-old dog loves wearing glasses — even though they have no lenses in them. They just make him feel confident, which is a good enough reason for us.


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Rusty volunteers at the St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg three times a week, along with his owner, George Ames. Naturally, Rusty is a favorite at the hospital.

"A friendly canine face wearing glasses is a huge distraction, and it makes them smile. It makes me smile to see them smile," Ames told CBC News.


Rusty has become a local celebrity (and he's on his way to qualifying as an internet celebrity—you can follow him on Facebook), but the fame hasn't gone to his head.

"Rusty still doesn't realize his fame. He's very modest," Ames said. "He doesn't know how good-looking he is. But he is a charmer, and he has helped many patients and their families over their years," he said.

Take your do-good tour on the road, Rusty. We need your charm and good looks state side too.