This Dog Nativity Scene Is Going Viral In The Best Way

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Behold: The cutest Christmas nativity scene in all of history. Yes, even cuter than the one crashed by a grumpy kitty.


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The picture comes courtesy of Jo Kingston, who runs a dog walking and grooming business in Mountsorrel, Leicestershire called Wags To Riches Pet Services. Kingston shared the picture on social media earlier this month, but it really went viral when someone else tweeted it.

While, as Wags To Riches Pet Services pointed out on Facebook, the groomer isn't actually near Dublin, the picture is adorably sharable.

It's easy to recreate the photo at home — all you need is a group of dogs and some spare towels (which is convenient, since other animals have been known to get loose from nativity scenes).

Jo was surprised to go viral. "I woke up and somebody tagged me in this photo saying, 'Jo, you've gone viral,'" she told BBC.