Dog's Dramatic Makeover Spawns Hilarious Twitter Thread

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Like a fresh coat of paint on an old house, a hair cut can radically alter how we perceive the people around us.

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And while that's definitely true of humans, the same now can also be said of dogs.

Morgan Murphy, an actor that lives in Los Angeles, vividly illustrated just how transformative a new doo can be when she shared dramatic snaps of her good boy, a poodle-shitzu mix, on Twitter over the weekend.


"My dog got a haircut and now it looks like he gave up drinking," she captioned the photoset, which was taken before and after a recent trip to the groomers.

So fresh, so clean.

Because it was pure hilarity, Murphy's quip sparked a sprawling thread overflowing with equally funny reactions — and commenters ran wild with the addiction motif.

"The Twelve Paws Program," wrote one man.

"Hi my name is Sparky, 28 days sober, & I'm a good boy." "Hi Sparky," imagined a second.

"1 day at a time is 7 days in dog years," noted another.

"He looks like he was forced to clean up for a job interview," joked this woman.

"Tell your dog that I’m proud of him and he just needs to count his blessings and take it one day at a time."

Fellow dog owners also latched onto the moment's relatability by posting their pup's makeovers.


"SAME WITH OURS isn't it a magical transformation"?

"What a difference a shave makes."

"Mine too!!!"

Like night and day.

"Switched at the groomer?"

In fact, digging into the comedienne's Twitter feed reveals that this isn't the first time she has successfully mined her dog's shearing sessions for the LOLs.


"I know my dog is from Los Angeles cuz he looked older when he was younger.".

And now I'm dead, RIP me.

Got a Jekyll and Hyde pup of your own? Share their trims in the comments below!