These Are The 25 Best Caturday Tweets Of 2017

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The internet's favorite #hashtag holiday is the gift that keeps on giving.

2017 was a strange year packed with polarizing headlines.


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But it also gave us a welcome reprieve: 52 weeks of #Caturday posts spread across pretty much every social media platform on the internets (yes, even LinkedIn).

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And now, with the year winding to a close, the time has come to honor and recognize these jokes, takes, and observations, the very best of which reveal hidden truths about the feline (and human) condition in 280 characters or less.


Embedded below then as a result: An objectively true list of 2017's most hilarious #Caturday tweets, as drawn from accounts both big and small.

1. Like a moth to a flame. #cantresistthebox

2. "Mohr pets & mohr attentions plz" -- Catzilla

3. Here lies the body of animal blogger Travis Rand Greenwood. Cause of death: Spontaneous combustion triggered by shock. (Click play icon to watch.)

4. When you see them tell the dog he's a "good boy" but you know the real truth about what happened to Dad's favorite slippers. #selfreckoning

5. Vigilant cat is vigilant.

6. "Found the problem, Carol. Oil is leaking into your car-purr-etor."

7. * Locks eyes, motions to cupboard *

8. "Challenge accepted"

9. "Silly hooman, every day is leg day."

10. "There's no room for you on this mantel, Jack" -- If Rose from "Titanic" was a cat

11. This 👏 is 👏 a 👏 brilliant 👏 tweet.

12. "What manner of sorcery is this?"

13. "I sits so your stuff won't fits" -- Luggage Ginger

14. Funniest. Skit. Ever.

15. Cloaking device: Activated!

16. "I will never not forgive you for this indignity, person partner."

17. Can you guess the # of effs this cat has to give about "rules"? Hint: It falls between zero & 0.

18. We see what you did there, Benny! Puns FTW!

19. In space, no one can hear you scratch.

20. "Take me home right meow."

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21. When mews meet moos.

22. "You're probably wondering how i ended up in this situation ... "

23. "Doin me a dab"

24. "I can haz warms?"

25. Because you can't spell "Feline Overlords" without LOL.

Did we miss your favorite tweet this year about Caturday? Share it with us in the comments below (or my editor will fire me for poor engagement, HALP!).