Cat Helps Woman Lose 145 Pounds Overnight

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When fake mews meets fake Moos

When a fitness app congratulated Callie Gisler, an avid hiker and weight lifter, on an overnight weight loss of 145.4 pounds, she realized something was amiss with her smart scale.


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But it wasn't until the 26-year-old writer and communications professional with the Willamette Humane Society dug deeper into the data, that she identified the unlikely offender: her four-legged roommate, Moo.

In an interview with Cuteness week, the Oregon woman explained how the beautiful tuxedo kitty, whom she adopted four years ago, tricked the Bluetooth-enabled device into generating the spurious notification.


"I bought a smart scale about eight months ago when I started a personal fitness journey. [It] syncs with my phone, using an app that feeds into the other workout, nutrition, and fitness apps that I use. The scale sits on my bathroom floor, and my cat, Moo, has never expressed interest in it. She'll walk across it, but it's never been her favorite place to sit or sleep."

You can probably see where this is going, but wait, because it gets even funnier:

"On Tuesday morning, I got an automatic email notification from my fitness app that I had 'reached my weight loss goal.' Of course, this wasn't true, so I opened the app to figure out exactly what was happening," she shared in an email this week.


"My recent activity showed a weight loss of 147 pounds overnight. With a little more investigation, I found a weigh-in of 11.3 pounds the scale logged at 4:51 a.m. that morning.

With only two of us in the apartment, it was ... clear that Moo had been the culprit of this staggering 'weight loss' story."

"Even though I had to go back in and adjust all the data in my apps, I thought it was hilarious that she had somehow managed to set the scale off.


You would think a smart scale would know the difference between a cat and a human, but evidently not."

Finding the whole episode somewhat ridiculous, Gisler did what most of us would: She shared screenshots of the erroneous reports — fake mews? — on Facebook, where friends and family LOL'd at Moo's antics.


"According to my fitness app, I reached my weight loss goal last night. In fact, I lost more than 145 pounds overnight. The secret? A certain four-legged friend deciding the smart scale in my bathroom is the perfect place to sleep at 4:51 a.m. and the scale logging it. I’ll be spending the morning resetting all my data. Good job, Moo. 😹"

"THAT'S HYSTERICAL!!!!!", wrote one man in response, CAPS LOCK button pinned to his keyboard.

"#Priceless," hashtagged a second.


"Good job Moo!", added another friend.

When asked if she would be taking cautions to keep Moo from triggering future data cat-astrophes, Gisler had this to say:


"I don't know if she'll do it again! But I am thinking about keeping the scale standing up against the wall or maybe even kept on a bathroom shelf to prevent any future four-legged weigh-ins. :)"

And while she may have temporarily inconvenienced her human mom's workout routine, Moo has clearly worked out a place in her heart:

"She always keep me laughing and is known to be quite the little troublemaker. But this is probably one of my favorite stories."

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