Shocked Girlfriend Learns She's The Side Piece In A Furry Love Triangle

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A scandalous revelation triggered a flurry of hilarious jokes this week at r/aww, Reddit's landing page for all things cute and four-legged.


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Writing under the screen name elfiqueadaeze, a woman explained that her college-aged boyfriend had been keeping a BIG secret from her for the duration of their now six-month-long relationship.

"Turns out my boyfriend has a cat I didn’t know about," she captioned a picture of lion-like tabby posing coyly on a flight of stairs.

"Turns out my slave has another slave that I didn't know about"

News of the man's feline fling quickly started to trend on the popular subreddit, where the post garnered 3100+ upvotes in little less than a day.


Nor did the reactions disappoint.

"That cat is thinking the exact same thing," joked one commenter.

"Turns out my slave has another slave that I didn't know about," quipped a second, from the perspective of the canoodling kitteh.

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Naturally, the shocking disclosure prompted an additional round of questions.


"So you're the side chick then?" quizzed someone aliasing under the handle SoulCruizer.

"What other major facet of his life is he not telling you about?" inquired WobblyGobbledygook, in what became the first of several subthreads rich with LOLs and rapid-fire takes.

For her part, elfiqueadaeze seemed to be at ease with her place in this meowy ménage à trois.


"Hey, even Scarlett Johansson would be the side chick if her guy had a cat this cute," she confessed.

And as is so often the case on the internet, this was an instance of legend eclipsing reality; the boyfriend, you see, had a perfectly acceptable answer for his reticence.

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"This is at his home home, which," she noted, "I've never been to. He goes to college a couple hours from where this is and resides there so that's why I never saw the cat! He just never told me he had any[.]"


Because who amongst hasn't kept something from a loved one, amirite or AMIRITE!?!

How would you feel if your SO kept the existence of a pet from you? Would it be a dealbreaker? Share your thoughts in the comments below!