Woman's Mom Knits Cat Capes For The Funniest Reason

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One of the best things about the holidays is reconnecting with friends and family.


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One of the worst? Fielding questions from those same friends and family about your partner/significant other/spouse and future plans to start a family.

At best, these seemingly innocent queries trigger low-key pangs of anxiety and inadequacy; at worst, they're flat out prying and rude.

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But, as one woman learned this year, they can be successfully deflected.


Writing on Twitter this week, comedian Eliza Skinner shared her mother's apparent resignation to the fact that there might not be any grandchildren on the horizon — and the unexpected hobby that's helping her fill the void.

"My mother has stopped bugging my sister and me about grandchildren, and instead has started knitting capes for her cat," she captioned a photo of her mom's cat, cloaked in a maroon and lavender shawl.

The simultaneously adorable and hilarious tweet stirred some feels on the microblogging platform, precisely because, for many, it was something they too had experienced.

"My dad calls himself 'grandad' when he talks to the cats. My mum refuses to join in."

"Now, the cat is going to start bugging you and your sister about having grandchildren. #savemeeee".

"This content is just far far far too relatable."

Others simply a wanted a cat cape to call their own (see, I * told ***** you late stage capitalism wasn't totally trash).


"Etsy shop?", quizzed one man.

"My entire family is sitting here asking me if they can buy a cat cape," volunteered this woman.

From there the thread dissolved into an absurdist mix overflowing with scorching hot takes.

"Your mom’s cat in a sweater cape is my favorite guest host on The View."

"He’s simultaneously irked and dashing af. And irked af."


"Wishing everyone the confidence of a cat in a cape in 2018"

For her part, Skinner's mom appeared to take her new found viral celebrity in stride, but was cool on the idea of building a business around capes and answering to others (oh the irony).


"Thank you for your comments - my mother is thrilled. The cat seems pretty proud of herself also."

Until her mother agrees to open up an ecommerce shop, we'll have to content ourselves with some Instagram cats sporting non-knitted capes. SAD!

Are fur babies the new grand kids? Share your thoughts in the comments below!