People Have Questions After Cat Plays Tetris With Couch Cushions

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Some cats just want to watch the world 🔥 🔥 🔥.


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Such is the objectively true takeaway from a hilarious thread that has gone massively viral on Twitter over the holiday break.

OMG: Storm Shakes Surprise Kitten Free From Unlikely Hiding Spot

The star of said tweet? A zero-effs-giving kitteh playing Tetris with his human babysitter's couch cushions.

Indeed, just what manner of sofa flipping cat sorcery is this?

Like many reading along, Elin's brain was scrambled with questions — How? Why? What? When? Huh? — questions for which there were no easy or forthcoming answers.


And while the feline's impressive feat of If-I-fits-I-sits strength remains unsubstantiated without corroborating video (fake mews, anyone?), the photo was enough to trend on the microblogging platform, prompting cat owners to LOL in resignation & share similar stories of destruction and displacement.

"This is my cat sleeping under his bed. As he does," quipped this woman.

"My cat is digging to China via the couch. I have no idea why. At least he came up for air," observed a second.

"Must be a thing today .. mine earlier," volunteered a TV station in Australia.

Not to be outdone was the OP's ~other~ cat, an Oriental shorthair named Goblin, who was seen in a second tweet proudly wreaking a different flavor of havoc in the kitchen, trash strewn EVERYWHERE.

(Oh, Goblin, you slay us.)


All in all, the ridiculous pics were enough to trigger a crush of cat-astrophic takes, GIFs, puns, and the like.

But the last word went to the indifferent cat's human mom, who was appropriately bemused by his unexpected viral celebrity.

Never change, cats, never change.

Does your cat rearrange the fur-niture when you aren't around (sozy, not sozy)? Tells us about their wild antics in the comment section below!