Twitter Comes Together To Help Couple Find Cats During The Holidays

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Most days Twitter is a literal trash fire overrun with self-aggrandizing takes, stale memes, and, right now, people bickering about The Last Jedi. *****


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But Christmas 2017 wasn't a normal day on the microblogging platform.

At least, it wasn't for Adam Nichollas and Alexandra Knight, a couple that live in Manchester, England.

Both work at hospitals: He's a pediatric intensive care consultant; she's a nurse.

After eating breakfast together, Nichollas reported to Leeds Children's Hospital for a 24-hour shift, while Knight spent the holiday with family at her parents' house.


When she returned the next day, she was shocked to find their West Didsbury home trashed.

Burglars had ransacked the residence, stealing presents and scattering debris.

The thieves also left the back door open, thereby providing an exit for the couple's frightened tabbies, Bet and Nancy, through which to escape.

While Bet reappeared relatively quickly, Nancy, described by the International Business Times as "shy," was nowhere to be found.

It was at this point that Adam jumped on Twitter to share the plight of his missing mouser.


"Our home ... was broken into last night ... [and] our beloved cat Nancy escaped. She doesn't know the area and she's lost. Wearing a Man City cat collar. Please RT", he wrote.

As the tweet started to gather momentum, it got a big boost from Ranj Singh, a TV presenter and one of Nichollas' colleagues.

"This is my awesome friend who did a 24-hour shift on Children’s Intensive Care over Xmas, only to get burgled and lose their beloved pet 😢. If you see her, please get in touch! 🙏🏽"

The callousness of the crime seemed to strike a nerve with others in the British media.

"Dear burglars. Look at what this guy was doing for a job while you were stealing from him on Christmas Day. You defy description."

Even as the retweets — some 8,000+ — piled up on Twitter, Nancy's whereabouts remained unknown.


After searching high and low — they found spare car keys discarded by the burglars at a neighboring church — without trace of the striped shorthair, the couple set about drafting "Lost" posters, contacting nearby shelters, and registering Nancy with missing pet sites.

All for naught, it seemed.

But, as is so often the case with missing pets, Nancy hadn't ventured far at all: Hearing the faint jingle of a bell attached to the cat's collar, Knight tracked her to a neighbor's garage, where the traumatized critter was huddled in a corner, looking "terrified and cold." 💔


By this time, Twitter was thirsty for an update and Nichollas obliged, sharing news of the happy reunion and thanking everyone that had helped spread the word.

"Overwhelmed by the twitter help. Our girl is home 😻," he wrote.

In a second update threaded to the original post, he doubled down on their gratitude.

"So 3200 retweet’s and 12 hours of searching ... More than a little overwhelmed by the kind thoughts and love from people. Thieves can steal objects but they’re replaceable. Nancy is one in a million", he captioned a picture of Nancy on the couch, snuggling with a pajama-clad Knight.

While it may not have been the holiday Adam & Alexandra were hoping for, it's probably also one they won't soon forget. Good job, Twitter, for once you did well!


* = For the record, I liked it more on the second screening, but I'll never forgive the filmmakers for killing [redacted] offscreen! YMMV but he was a goddamn Rebel hero who deserved a grander exit.