Here Are Some Wiener Dogs Racing On Ice To Make Being Back To Work Better

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Image Credit: geoleo/iStock/GettyImages

If you're bored to tears by sports, you're not alone. But if you're ever forced to go to a game again, hold out hope because sometimes (just sometimes) magical things can happen at sporting events.

A minor league hockey team called the Atlanta Gladiators held a wiener dog race on the ice this week and it's officially the only sport we care about.

The dogs lined up, took off, and gave the gift of joy to everyone present and anyone who sees footage of the event. (Hover to play.)

The winning doggo is named Weagle and he's everything. His owner is a beautiful (and very lucky) human named Katie Ford.

And no, the Gladiators didn't invent this amazing event so yes, there are other wiener dog race videos on the internet. You're welcome.