People Are Sharing Photos Of Themselves Lifting Dogs For A Mysterious Reason

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Another year brings another round of resolutions to exercise more. And if you're looking for an activity you can do with your pup indoors or out, a new subreddit has JUST the thing!


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Enter r/doglifting, a forum for, well, people doing just that.

Like many emergent memes, this one comes without much in the way of rules or conditions.

Little dogs, big dogs, and breeds in between — all appear to be welcome at this digital water cooler.


But don't take my word for it, let's scroll through some of the early posts!

"Am I doing it right?"

"I posted myself lifting this dog earlier but my fiancée wanted to participate too. Hope that’s allowed."

"Hugging a cloud."

"He's lifting me."

"Lifted ratdog."

"Oh wow a new twist on a classic lift, thank you."

Hard to tell who's having more fun here. 🤷

And to whom do we owe our gratitude for this strange slice of curling canine ephemera?


According to Twitter, the individual driving this trend is one Drew Toothpaste, a writer, comedian, and figure in the so-called Weird Twitter™️ movement.

"Pick your dog up and post it to my Reddit board i made for it 'doglifting,'" he wrote on Twitter.

Because leaders lead, Toothpaste was one of the first to post at his freshly coined subreddit.

And the community was not unimpressed.


"Wow great DL (dog lift)," remarked one commenter. "Socks on a wood floor raises the danger level in this lift. Well done," enthused a second.

With a total of 59 posts and a blurb from the cool hunters at Boing Boing, it's hard to say conclusively if doglifting is here to stay or a passing fancy soon to be consigned to the scrapheap of internet history.

Either way, we salute all the men, women, and doggos doing their part to get ripped in the New Year.