This Fox Zoomie'ing Into The Weekend Is Basically All Of Us

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Live video of me when my editor says I can leave the office early

It's Friday, which means everyone is itching to GTFO of work.


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And that sense of excitement & anticipation isn't limited strictly to humans as a trending GIF makes clear.

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Take, for example, this fennec fox boomeranging around the living room, all while his (or her) person chills on the couch with what must be an engrossing read.

Zoomies are go

While its origin and context remain murky (and we'd like to remind you that foxes are wild animals and really shouldn't be kept as pets), we do know that the loop is already a smash at Reddit where it's currently headlining the homepage with more than 109,000+ upvotes.


As with most Reddit posts exposed to such a huge audience, this one has spawned a sprawling mess of comment threads and included in the mix are a couple of LOL-inducing gems.

"As cute as they are, living with a fox isn't all its cracked up to be. They can be hyper, aggressive, and incredibly needy. However, this one seems content with just a book," quipped kayjay25.

"Foxes are just canine hardware hacked to run feline software," joked Tthor.


"I'll take 2", added lurking_digger.

For our part, the funniest moment might just come at the end when the woman tries to stifle her laugh only to give it away with a winking grin.

We leave you now with other candidates for the Zoomies Hall Of Fame such as this piglet ...

... this pup ...

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... and this cat.

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This one was also an instant CLASSIC!

Is your pet stoked for the weekend? Tell us all about it in the comment section below!