Please, Enjoy This Bear Living Her Best Life After Discovering What Ice Is

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The first time you experience winter can be a real shock on your system. Or, if you're like Berkley the young Kodiak bear, it's absolutely magical.


Berkley resides in Alberta, Canada at Discovery Wildlife Park. She's only around a year old, so she is still a big fan of discovering the world around her. With her abundant enthusiasm and energy, she's reminding everyone around her how much fun winter can truly be.

Video of the Day

Her video was shared to reddit and people could bear-ly contain their enjoyment of the baby brown bear's athletic antics.

It may be too late for her to join in these upcoming winter Olympics. But if she keeps up her training, she just might make the cut next time they roll around. Assuming, of course, she isn't hibernating.


According to its website, the wildlife park where she lives takes in exotic animals who are orphaned or in dangerous situations. So Berkley Bear is not only happy to enjoy the winter, she's clearly grateful to have a safe environment where she can thrive.

Watching Berkley enjoy the heck out of a frozen stream and hopping around the icy winter branches is enough to melt anyone's cold heart.