Employee Only Instagrams Dogs Ordering Drive-Thru Bagels & It's Basically All We've Been Scrolling

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Image Credit: krblokhin/iStock/GettyImages

An Einstein Bagel employee named Natasha is our new Instagram hero. She has created an entire Instagram account dedicated to the dogs she sees at the drive-thru and it is GOOD.


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"I work the drive thru at Einstein Bros Bagels on Wickham road in Melbourne, Florida!," she wrote in her bio. "Stop by with your best friend and have a doggie bagel on me!"

Apparently, Einstein offers special beef-flavored doggie bagels just for man's best friend and Natasha would like more people to take advantage of the offer.

Bagels are good. Dogs are great. Bagel-loving doggos are BEST. Here are just some of our favorite drive-thru dogs.

Keep up the good work, Natasha.