This Dog Has Taught Herself The Most Amazing Trick

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It's always entertaining when dogs teach themselves tricks to get the most out of any play session, but this 3-year-old Australian shepherd named Secret has taught herself a trick that is both entertaining and incredibly impressive.

She learned how to pull her own sled up a hill, hop in it, and stay in it while she enjoys the ride down. (Hover to play video.)

Secret's best friend, a 17-year-old girl named Mary, has taught her some pretty remarkable tricks. But, of all the things this brilliant dog can do, sledding has to be one of the most fun for her to do and for us to watch.


Video of the Day

Secret's delightful Instagram page is filled with not-so-secret marvelous abilities. She exercises ...

Paints ...

And even helps decorate the Christmas tree.

There's no denying Secret is absolutely living her best life thanks to the help of her BFF, Mary.