OMG, The Lineups For Puppy Bowl XIV Have Been Revealed!

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America will have to wait three more weeks to know which teams are facing off in the Super Bowl (goooooo Pats!), but the lineups for something arguably much more compelling — Puppy Bowl XIV — have been released.


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According to Animal Planet, the event's broadcaster, 39 doggos will take to the gridiron, where they will compete for the country's affection — and the opportunity to be adopted into new forever homes!

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As in years past, the four-legged competitors have been divided into two squads: Team Ruff and Team Fluff.

Below, we profile some of the most hyped additions, while also casting an eye on the ... wait for it ... underdogs amongst them (sozzy, not sozzy).


Ana (Team Fluff)

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog / Catahoula Leopard Dog

Age: 17 weeks


Home Shelter: Sebastian County Humane Services, AR

Superpower: Turns shoes laces into chew laces.

Barry (Team Ruff)

Breed: Treeing Walk Coonhound / Great Pyrenees


Age: 20 weeks

Home Shelter: Nashville Humane Association, TN

Superpower: Can carry six tennis balls in his mouth at one time.

Blueberry Pie (Team Fluff)

Breed: Miniature Poodle / Chihuahua


Age: 15 weeks

Home Shelter**:** Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

Superpower: Stealing the last slice of pizza when nobody is looking.

Checkers (Team Fluff)

Breed: Pit Bull / Chihuahua


Age: 13 weeks

Home Shelter: Paw Works, CA

Superpower: Removing the tree topper after Christmas is over but before anyone asks him to do it.

Clyde (Team Ruff)

Breed: Corgi


Age: 17 weeks

Home Shelter: Florida Little Dog Rescue, FL

Superpower: Knows where the warmest spot in any room is before he even enters it.

Hannah (Team Ruff)

Breed: Pit Bull / Bulldog


Age: 13 weeks

Home Shelter: Villalobos Animal Rescue, LA

Superpower: Never forgets the "d" in handkerchief.

Kitsy (Team Ruff)

Breed: Shiba Inu

Age: 19 weeks

Home Shelter: Aheinz57 Pet Rescue, IA

Superpower: Can detect the odor of any Taco Bell from more than a mile away.

Mango (Team Fluff)

Breed: Pit Bull / Chihuahua

Age: 16 weeks

Home Shelter: Compassion Without Borders, Mexico & CA

Superpower: Finessing a full charge from a frayed iPhone cable.

Moonshine (Team Ruff)

Breed: Border Collie

Age: 24 weeks

Home Shelter: Double J Dog Ranch, ID

Superpower: Knows all the lyrics to "Bust A Move."

Morris (Team Ruff)

Breed: Pomeranian

Age: 14 weeks

Home Shelter: Florida Little Dog Rescue, FL

Superpower: Catches — and throws — frisbees with both paws.

Mr. Wigglesworth (Team Ruff)

Breed: Shar-Pei

Age: 15 weeks

Home Shelter: Florida Little Dog Rescue, FL

Superpower: Solving Rubik's Cubes blindfolded.

Sophie (Team Fluff)

Breed: Poodle / Golden Retriever

Age: 21 weeks

Home Shelter: Green Dogs Unleashed, VA

Superpower: Never takes a bad Instagram.

To see the rest of the furry fullbacks, watch the video embedded below or bounce over to Animal Planet!

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