Just 16 Puppies Taking Their First Puppy Steps

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Is there anything more adorable than a puppy taking those first puppy steps? Nope, nothing.

1. Guess who's gonna be the first puppy who walks out of this litter?

(It's the wiggly little leg wiggler.)


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2. So close!

3. The first step in walking is realizing you have feets.

4. There you go. You're getting it!

5. Some pups are precocious ...

And they are annoying to other puppies.


6. Sneezing AND walking?! This baby Corgi is quite coordinated. Or should I say "corginated"?

Ok fine. I won't say that.



7. Isn't it interesting that puppies learn to walk in a few weeks and it takes human babies like, years to learn?

8. See how deftly the puppy attacks this dumb human baby?

9. Awww, this little tadpole is taking his first steps!

Hopefully his back legs catch up to his front legs.


10. Sometimes puppy fat gets in the way of those first steps.

Keep trying, Tubby! You got this!


11. There you go pup!

12. Here we witness some fancy backwards walking.

13. You're walking!

14. And high performance tasks, like getting the paper.

15. And maybe even skateboarding!

16. Don't worry, we'll work on stairs a little later ...

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