This Wedding Photographer Snaps Incredible Photos Of Newly Weds & Their Cats

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Including your dog in your engagement and wedding photos is certifiably trendy. It's also certifiably adorable and obvious why so many people do it. Just look:


Cats, however, don't get as much of the wedding photo action. Italian photographer Marianna Zampieri is changing that, however. Marianna takes pictures of couples with their cats to commemorate their big day.

Instead of doing it at the wedding — which would be crowded and loud and scary for a lot of cats — she does it in the comfort of the couple's homes.

"They knew it would be very difficult to be able to make beautiful photographs on the wedding day ― too much emotion, too much confusion and too many people present for animals that are very habitual," she told the Huffington Post. "So a week after the wedding, I went to their home to capture the couple dressed up with their cats in a series of photographs."

Video of the Day

The pictures are incredible and important — catlovers want wedding pictures with their fur families too.