20 People Discover Their Dogs Do The Same Mysterious Thing Every Day

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When a gorgeous Labrador mix named Dusty found a pie months ago in a bush, he knew he had struck gold. Ever since that day, Dusty has made it a point to check the magical shrubbery to see what goodies might be awaiting him.

Thankfully, Dusty's owner, Chris Bramwell, decided to document these daily searches.

Though he hasn't yet found another pie, Dusty is sometimes granted surprising goodies from the magic bush.

Dusty's never-ending optimistic treasure hunt inspired many other dog owners whose canine companions have a similar unending quest thanks to some lucky encounter on a fateful day.

1. "Mine found a baguette in a bush a year ago and now we must diligently search the same bush on every walk!"

2. "My dog Charlie has a Magic Burrito Shrubbery along our daily walk! That burrito appeared only once, about 9 months ago."

It's only logical that if it happened once, it could happen again.


3. "A pigeon flew in through this window once. It now needs constant supervision, doesn't matter if it is not open."

4. "Like when Charlie saw a mouse under the shed where the bird seed falls and then spent 10 days watching the same spot lfor it to come back?"

Their puppy positivity and patience can last for years.


5. "Caspar found a bacon butty on one spot on his walk four years ago and everyday he checks for it again."


6. "12 years ago a piece of lamb fell off the BBQ onto my dog's nose. She's been underfoot every time the BBQ is on ever since (and it's not even the same BBQ)"

7. "Drake got on on a UPS truck 4 a treat ONCE...now he hops in w/ mailman, power guy, water etc. Looks @ them like.. (they now carry treats )"

In fact, the habit of hoping can become a part of their every day lives.


8. "A flying fox loudly few out of the big tree at the back of our garden on one of the first nights our greyhound came to live us. Now the tree must be checked every single night before going to bed. It has never happened again but that does not stop her. It’s a ritual."

They have incredible memories.

9. "Our greyhound @Emmiebelle once found some bread rolls someone had dropped on the footpath in our neighbourhood. For months afterwards .... she never forgot!"

And these canine companions can locate exciting finds in the strangest places.


10. "Mine found a lasagna in a bush in a graveyard 4 years ago and to this day he still runs miles ahead to search the same spot on the rare times we go back."

They'll wait patiently for lightning to strike once again.

11. "Mine toooo! Every evening from dinner til bedtime she will stand up at our fence watching the driveway opposite, because she saw a cat there one time 4 years ago."

12. "oh it lasts for years....Harley, a 10 yr old Jack Russell once found a sausage in the gutter. We have to go there everyday without fail. 5 years and counting."

Every dog owner who has a patient pup totally identifies with Dusty and all the other dogs.


13. "This made me laugh so much! One of my dogs does the same at one bit of kerb on his walk. He found a random chicken carcass there 10 years ago. 10. YEARS."

Some dogs are even keeping somewhat of a journal, remembering the exact date and location of their last treasure sighting.


14. "November 14, there was a squirrel in our chimney. Nicky Brienne aka The Great Huntress has been checking the fireplace for Squirrels from Heaven ever since."

After all, these things do seem divinely ordained.

15. "A seagull once dropped a bread roll right in front of Spock’s paws. I think it was a religious experience for him. Still hoping for more sky food"

16. "Same spot. Still hopeful."

Sometimes, the "treasure box" is no longer there, but that doesn't mean all the goodies are automatically gone forever.


17. "This used to be a massive tree and Gunther almost caught a squirrel there once."

Dogs still hope for a fun treat even if it wasn't exactly good for them the last time they snagged one.

18. "Poppy our dalmatian found a sandwich out on out regular walk, grabbed it and was then very sick. Wound up in vets on a drip due to mould on the sarnie. Could have killed her. Didn't stop her rushing to the same spot, every walk, hoping to find another poisonous lunchtime treat.."

When it comes to getting special snacks, anything, anywhere is fair game.


19. "I can't let my dog off lead at the park if the kids' soccer is on, because one of the soccer kids once gave him some hot chips so now he bolts straight for the middle of the game"

Even if the goodies aren't delicious, discovering hidden things can lead to getting more treats in the future.

20. "My dog found £5 in a bush once. I took him to the pet shop to spend it on treats"

As for Dusty's pie plight, most people totally understood where he was coming from.

1. "I can't blame the fella. It was a pie after all."

And a lot of people wanted his hope to pay off.

2. "I hope that boy finds another pie soon!"

In fact, some people wanted to take matters into their own hands and make sure he was rewarded for his dedicated search.

3. "hands up who wants to put another pie there? me too"

4. "I mean, at some point, you put another pie in there."

Dusty inspired at least one person to only throw food in bushes in order to make them magical from now on.

5. "Well im never throwing any food into the bin ever again, its all going into the bushes"

Because of Dusty's ongoing happiness in the face of daily rejection, plenty of dog lovers wanted to know the exact coordinates of the magical pie bush so that they may make him even happier.

6. "I need to know where this bush is so that I can pie-fairy it."

7. "Please tell me exactly where this bush is so I can put a pie in it"

For a lot of people, they saw themselves in Dusty.

"I can't make fun, I once saw a turtle outside when I looked out my therapist's window so every week for years I looked for a turtle. I'd probably still be looking but the building burned down."

Though the bush is technically magical, it's the precious pups, their ongoing positivity, and the lessons they teach us about optimistic perseverence who are the real heroes in this story.

"The glass is never half-empty for dogs. It's never even empty when nothing's in it, if it's once been full."