Horses Put Snowstorm In The Friend Zone With Synchronized 180°s

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"Onward noble stee --- RETREAT! RETREAT! RETREAT!"

This week in stable geniuses: A pair of horses who couldn't wait to play outside in the snow but promptly turned tail — in Matrix-glitching unison — when the "cold reality" of the conditions set in.


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And can you really blame them?

With heavy snowfall blanketing much of the eastern seaboard, including New Jersey, where this footage was likely recorded (we think), and bone-chilling temps literally freezing lizards in place, only the crazy brave — like, say, this collie that taught herself how to carry a sled uphill — and phony tough have ventured outside to battle the wintery elements.


Watch the hilarious moment when both of the horses come to regret their decision with a synchronized mind meld in the video embedded below!

You know what they say neigh: You can lead a horse to (frozen) water, but you can't make it wear hockey skates ...