22 Moments When Owners Suspected Their Cats Might Be Fat Now

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How do you know when your cat is getting fat? Every cat-lover knows the signs when they see them — and you will see lots of them below. Here are 22 cats who might be fat now.


1. Pretty sure the post isn't supposed to bend like that.

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2. This is not the point of a time-released feeder.

3. Wow, you got like, no height.

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4. I fill as much of this as I fill, okay?


6. Figure it out, Rumba.

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7. Oh. No.

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8. This technique allows Mr. Tickles to maximize his food intake and minimize his movement.

9. It's okay. I'll eat my way out.

10. When people start using your stomach as a doll trampoline, you should at least consider a diet.

11. The same thing happened to Winnie the Pooh, dude.

12. What? This IS what two in-shape cats look like when they fight.

13. The shame lady from Game of Thrones has nothing on this pet mom.

14. This counts as aerobic exercise, right?

15. That's it, little dude, run the pounds away.

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16. Netflix and ... nap.

17. Does this sweater make me look fat?

18. I can do it. I can totally ... nope. Can't.

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19. This cat would rather be a table than move at all.

20. The camouflage gets you an A for effort.

21. It looks like he's doing crunches, but he's really just desperately trying to get up.

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22. Halp.

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