32 of the Laziest Cats The World Has Ever Seen

Cats not exactly known for being the most active members of the animal kingdom but these 32 cats take laziness to the next level.

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1. Guess this spot just isn't getting vacuumed.

2. Keep watching. The roll is coming.

3. Lazy bath:

4. No, it's fine. I'm comfortable enough not to move.

5. I'll help. I got you, bro.

6. What? I'm technically on the treadmill.

7. Mine's broken — it's moving.

8. That employee who is ALWAYS "on a break."

9. Fine, I'll follow you — but I won't get up.

10. Hard at work:

11. I'll get you parrot, and your little ... ah, whatever.

12. They are both employing the "bored to death" strategy.

13. A very busy day of napping and yawning and licking.

14. Walking places is for chumps.

15. He will literally do this for hours:

16. The lazy cat's guide to catching mice:

17. Behold, as lazy cat drinks without moving to the bowl.

18. I guess this is where I live now.

19. Go around, jerks.

20. Everyone's ideal weekend:

21. Cats always land on their feet — unless they don't feel like it.

22. Go away. The boss is sleeping.

23. Cat: 1, turtle: 0

24. I got this.

25. This is what an "outdoorsy" lazy cat looks like.

26. Stop filming or I will make you stop. Well, I could if I wanted to.

27. An energetic day of play.

28. When you see stairs and are like "I just can't."

29. But seriously. CAN'T.

30. I'm fine right here, thanks.

31. Just hanging around.

32. Lazy cat has his own amazing lazy day set up.

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1. Guess this spot just isn't getting vacuumed.