28 Baby Animals Who Tried To Be Ferocious, Ended Up Adorable

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Some animals are ferocious. Some animals are cute. Some animals ​try​ to be ferocious and just end up being extra cute.

Here are 28 animals like that.


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1. I will consume your finger, puny human!

2. NO KISSES. Instead, I will claw your face off.

3. I'm gonna get ya.


5. Sometimes, you just have to attack a bubble.

6. No hair is safe.

7. Fear me, potatoes.

More cat on potato violence.

My dude, there's no need to be a spazz about it.


8. I'm not hiding under this couch ... the couch is just holding me back.

"Yeah, you better run."


9. How's this for picking a fight you really shouldn't pick?

10. Here's a kitten trying to kiss a pug to death, because you need it in your life.

11. Puppy bites are deadly ... if you can die of saying "aww" too much.

12. The least ferocious pounce since Simba at the beginning of "The Lion King."

13. Nice foot nuzzle fighting technique, doggo.

14. You're gonna hear him ROAR Aww-Aww-Aww-Aww-Aww-Awwwwww.

15. Shark cat doesn't know what to do with his own power.

16. Stare into the mouth of death.

17. In the battle between the kittens and the robotic toys, the toys will definitely win.

18. Effective.

19. Professional Kitten Wrestling should be a thing.

20. Corgi puppies might be the least intimidating things in the world.

21. Shoe — 1, puppy — 0.

22. That sock knows what it did.

23. Please keep your fingers in attack range at all times.

24. Everyone invest in a guard kitten, ASAP.

25. The flamingo float's one natural predator is the bear cub.

26. Someone get this cub to Pride Rock, STAT.

27. Rarr?

28. No, it's pronounced, "rawr."