Episode 32: Are Cats Better Pets Than Dogs?

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Dogs may be man's best friend, but cats — they're just easier to take care of! That's the hot take after the recent trouble Cuteness Pawdcast hosts, Renee Colvert and Allegra Ringo, experienced when they boarded their dogs over the holidays. To commemorate these confounding canine complications, this episode is a two-paw salute to cats where we explore pretty much all of the major cat questions. Why do cats behave the way they do? What is the best way to pet a cat? How do you convince your dad to let you have a cat?

Renee and Allegra reminisce about how they went from being die hard dog fans to cat lovers. (Spoiler: It was pretty easy because cats like to sleep on your butt and hilariously run around like maniacs at night.) The ladies examine the feline phenomena of "nighttime zoomies," when our naturally-crepuscular cats run around while humans are trying to sleep. The hosts also narrow down the reasons your cat stares at you; it's either because they're visual hunters, or they like you, or, also, maybe they see a ghost.

Have you ever wondered how to pet a cat? You're in luck because Renee recently learned the first lesson of cat petting: Don't rub their eyes for them (they don't like that). She also shares the best negotiation tactic for getting a cat: guilt. That's right, a 13-year-old girl wore down her father's steadfast objections to a family cat with what she has dubbed a "Wall of Sorrow."


Cuteness Pawdcast producer and cat expert, Alexis Preston, takes the hot seat to tell us all about her dog-like cats, Clem and Maud. Alexis calls them "gateway cats" because they have the perfect disposition to convert dog people into cat people. And she's right; both Renee and Allegra were won over immediately. I mean, look at these buddies! Who wouldn't be?

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This concludes the final episode of the Cuteness Pawdcast. A huge shout out to you, the listener. You're the best! Thank you for streaming the podcast and remember: pet people are the best people!