24 Thoughts You’ll Inevitably Have After Adopting A Shelter Pet

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Adopting a pet is officially the best thing you can do as a human being.

1. Shelters are full of loving animals looking for homes.

There are over 7 million animals in shelters nationwide!


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2. Adopting a pet is a huge responsibility.

3. The first year of owning a dog costs $1270.00.

Adoption prices are usually low, but you gotta make sure you can afford to take care of a new family member!


4. Pets are totally worth it though.

Where else can you find this sort of unconditional love?


5. The transformation from shelter dog to pampered dog is an amazing thing.

6. Watching an animal grow up is so special!

7. Just make sure you tell the cat if you're planning on bringing home a new pup.

8. And vice versa.

9. Your heart will totally melt once they start getting along!

10. You'll be surprised at how fast your new pet will make themselves at home.

11. Soon, you'll forget all about the concept of personal space.

"Oh hai."



12. You'll start speaking in a weird, high-pitched voice you use only for your new pet.

Just wait until you accidentally start talking like this in front of people!


13. Coming home from work is a lot more fun with someone special waiting for you.

14. Sharing is caring.

15. You'll fondly remember the good old days when you could stand up when you wanted.

16. Yay! You'll never have to do anything by yourself again!

Thanks cat!



17. Your phone will be full of pet pictures. And you will show them to everyone.

Image Credit: Kristie Malinoski
Image Credit: Kristie Malinoski
Image Credit: Kristie Malinoski

18. You do not think it's silly to throw your pet a birthday party.

19. When I say "sorry, I have plans," this is what I have planned.

Staying home seems that much better ...

Staying home seems that much better ... and cheaper.



20. Bed time was never so adorable.

21. And getting out of bed was never so difficult.

22. You can't imagine life without them! Did you even go on walks before you adopted a dog?!

23. You'll spend more on cute clothes and fancy food for your pet than you do for yourself!



24. The next thing you know, you'll be fostering animals!


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