23 Thoughts You'll Inevitably Have While Cat Sitting

Your cats are weird. Other people's cats are even weirder.

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1. The first step of cat sitting is finding the cat.

2. Seriously. Where are you cat?

3. Oh good.There you are!

4. Look interested while the cat lays down some ground rules.

5. A successful cat sitter knows this one thing:

6. Flattery will go far when you're bonding with a new kitty friend.

7. Some cats are shy around strangers ...

8. Most cats are not shy.

9. And cat people? Cat people are even crazier than their cats.

10. When you're cat sitting, you'll see things you cannot unsee.

11. It's a good idea to have some fun activities planned.

12. A good cat sitter will let the cat FaceTime with his/her person.

13. As a guest, you will be treated with much respect from the cat.

14. Listen to the cat's subtle clues.

15. Some people think cats are independent, but they need supervision.

16. Have fun getting to know all the kitty's quirks ...

17. Some cats will help around the house ...

18. Such good helpers!

19. So much help!

20. Soon you and the cat will be BFF's!

21. Now you're having so much fun!

22. The cat on the other hand ...

23. Is still a cat.

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1. The first step of cat sitting is finding the cat.