15 Pets & Their Celebrity Doggelgängers

Everyone's got a celebrity lookalike out there somewhere — and these adorable pets are no exception.

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This dog and billionaire Richard Branson

Dog looks like billionaire Richard Branson

Limecat and singer Nicki Minaj

Limecat meme looks like singer Nicki Minaj

This sad-eyed pup and actor William H. Macy

Dog looks like actor William H. Macy

This scowling puppy and director Orson Welles

Angry puppy looks like director Orson Welles

This maltipoo and actress Laura Dern

Maltipoo puppy looks like actress Laura Dern

This sleepy cat and actor David Schwimmer

Cat looks like actor Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) from Friends

This dog and Sir Patrick Stewart

Dog looks like actor Patrick Stewart

This walking mop and actress Whoopi Goldberg

Puli dog looks like actress Whoopi Goldberg

This kitteh and actor Adam Driver

Cat looks like actor Adam Driver

This poodle and actor Ron Perlman

Poodle looks like actor Ron Perlman

This bulldog and actor John Travolta

Dog looks like actor John Travolta

This bespectacled boxer and actor Samuel L. Jackson

Dog looks like actor Samuel L. Jackson

This dog and Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin

Dog looks like Vladimir Putin

This smirking dog and actor Harrison Ford

Dog smirks just like actor Harrison Ford

This sloth and Oasis frontman, Noel Gallagher

Sloth looks like musician Noel Gallagher

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This dog and billionaire Richard Branson