27 Ridiculously Big House Cats

Have you always wanted a pet tiger? Well, you're in luck! No, you can't actually have a tiger (sorry), but you can do the next best thing, which is to get one of these absurdly big house cats. And maybe some bamboo plants or rattan furniture, if you're really looking to nail the jungle aesthetic.

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1. Sorry, couch is taken.

2. "Small human is stinky, but he's cuddly nevertheless."

3. Those paws!

4. "Did I say you could stop petting me?"

5. Nice try, but that is clearly a lion.

6. Banana for scale.

7. Clearly a snow leopard.

8. "Make sure you get my good side."

9. Upgrade to the XL lap warmer for only $5 more!

10. Suitcase? What suitcase?

11. Big cats can be kind of an armful.

12. Nice hat.

13. "Damn, they moved the tuna again."

14. Who needs weights when you've got an absurdly big cat to lift?

15. Locked and loaded.

16. Sweet little chubster.

17. 90% fluff, 10% fury.

18. Putting on a show for the neighbors.

19. The cat is melting! Get a bucket!

20. More tummy for the loving.

21. A majestic cloud of floof.

22. "It seems I'm slightly higher off the ground than usual. Interesting."

23. This cat is big enough to give bear hugs.

24. What a nice furry rug! Oh wait, that's a cat.

25. That tail though!

26. "This is my sink. Get your own."

27. Turns out there's a body under all the fluff! Who'd have guessed?

15 Big Cats Who Love Boxes More Than House Cats

1. Sorry, couch is taken.