19 Pets Who Have Encountered An Unexpected Error

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Everyone encounters a glitch from time to time. Nothing a factory reset can't fix!

1. Golden Retriever Snoot not found. Please reinstall.

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2. Flower.exe and Cat.exe are not compatible.

3. Moved from San Diego recently. His reaction to snow says it all.

We're sorry, your dog has frozen. Exit?


4. Cat OS does not support Fetch software.

Cats don't always make the best dogs.


5. Internal neckwork error.

6. "Hooman" could not be located. Search again?

7. Hardware incompatible.

8. Rawhide pleasure overload.

9. Cat door does not compute.

10. Ghost detected. Cat cannot continue.

11. Dignity not detected. Remove dog and reinsert.

12. Please read all instructions before attempting to assemble dog.

13. Imaginary Bicycle has crashed. Reload?

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14. Cat has encountered a bug. Enable Hunt.exe to remove.

15. Toothbrush has failed. Try again.

16. Dog bed is full. Remove cat to continue.

17. Warning: low power. Battery saver activated.

18. Connection failed.Cat.exe collision error encountered

19. Cat.exe collision error encountered