23 Pets Totally Making Out With Each Other

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These cute cats and dogs are totally in love!

1. Whoa! Get a room you two.

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2. Frenchie kisses are very romantic.

3. Corgies canoodling ...

4. These two are feline romantic.

5. Have you ever seen cats do that upside Spider-Man kiss?

Now you have.


6. Poochie smoochies!

7. I think you're doing it wrong, little pup ...

8. Um.

9. A kiss from a fish ...

10. This tabby is playing hard to cat.

11. This pupper wants a kitty smooch, but he's so bashful!

12. They said their love wouldn't last ....

13. Sometimes love hurts.

14. Kitten kisses are less sloppy than puppy kisses.

15. See?

16. They are kissing with their teeth.

17. In this case, PDA stands for Pretty Darn Adorable.

18. Puppy and horsie sittin' in a tree ....

19. Pucker up, Puggles!

20. A kiss and a pug ...

Seriously, what is it about Pugs? They can't keep their tongues off each other!


21. This brave Beagle pup is going full in ...

22. A sweet peck from an owl!

23. Watch out! This pup is after a smooch from YOU!