28 Tiny, Tiny Baby Animals That Will Melt You

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Animals are cute. Baby animals are cuter. Teeny tiny baby animals are OMG CAN'T HANDLE IT SOOO CUTE.

Here are 28 animals who fit the latter.

Video of the Day

1. When your legs are so stubby you can only waddle adorably.

2. Ducking adorable!

3. We've all been this baby goat:

4. Free idea for Niall Horan: A new song called "Slow Yawns."

5. You'll never roll your eyes when you hear "snow bunny" again.

6. So cute it looks like an alien:

7. This one too, honestly.

8. These eyes. OMG.

9. Immediate timeline cleanse:

10. My heart. I think it just exploded.

11. Oh you will be SOOOOO big someday.


13. Can I come too? I just will, okay?


15. If you didn't think Bambi could get sadder, think about it again after looking at this GIF.

16. Just hanging around.

17. This monkey is too much.

18. Incapable of forming coherent thoughts right now.

19. Happy feet and happy heart.

20. Stop it. Just stop with the cuteness.

21. Just kidding. Never stop.

22. New bucket list item: Kiss a baby hippo.

23. When you haven't quite figured out how your legs work.

24. Same, bro.

25. Poor little guy looks so scared.

26. The struggle is real.

giphy embed

27. You can nap in my palm ANY TIME.

28. If you're a bird, I'm a ... bird?


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