21 Animals Who Have No Idea How Big They Are

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One of the most adorable things about animals is their utter inability to truly understand just how big they are sometimes. Here are 26 animals who have no idea just how big they really are.

1. If I fits, I sits.

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2. So ... not my door?

3. That had to hurt.

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4. Well, this clearly did not go as planned.

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5. Imagine this cup is a favorite pair of jeans and, TBH, we've all been there.


7. This looks ... comfy?

8. Cozy

9. This hiding space is ALMOST perfect.

10. 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯

11. No, I don't see a problem here.

12. Literally nothing has changed.

13. Hold me, dad.

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14. This got embarrassing really fast.

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15. What?

16. No, don't get rid of it. I still fit ... technically.

17. Ready for the vet, mom.

18. Someone get this kitty an appropriate-sized piece of cardboard to nap on, please.

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19. All dogs are lap dogs.

20. When you can't grow up ... mentally.

21. Everybody can see, right?