18 Photos Of Pets Being Jerks That Will Make You Cringe

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Here they are, the 18 biggest jerks we saw this week. Most of them are, unsurprisingly, cats.

1. "Oh, you needed these important looking papers for work?"

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2. Girl Scout cookies bring out the worst in everyone.

3. Oh my goodness, cat.

4. "We'll get a kitten, they said. It'll be so cute, they said. It will be fun to play with, they said."

5. Human: Cat, quit cleaning your butt on the dinner table! Cat: Hooman! Quit eating on my butt washing table!

6. As a cat owner, I can tell you this happens daily and most of us live in constant fear of our cats.

It's very scary and I am never fully prepared.


7. "Oh, I was just leaving."

Places to go. People to see.


8. "This is fine."

9. Cat owners know this look. Gets squirted with water for having paws on the table. Licks the table.

An ineffective deterrent.


10. Hey, at least the dog has a bed.

The cat could have figured out a way to steal both beds. What we are seeing here is the cat being very nice.


11. In the battle of cat vs dog, the cat will always win.

Cats always win because they are meaner. And they have sharp, pointy claws and teeth.


12. "Oh, you needed this?"

13. "Let me love you, cat!"

As a cat owner, this is another thing I know well.


14. You can't keep a Corgi pup down! Even when big, jerky dogs are involved.

15. "Oh, this is yours?"

16. "This is fine."

17. "Take THAT froggy!"

Geez, cat. That froggy was your FRIEND.


18. And finally, this is why we shouldn't keep wild cats as pets ....

Cats are the biggest jerks, and wild cats are even jerkier.


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