Hilary Duff's Tribute To Her Recently-Deceased Dog Will Make You Cry All The Tears

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Anyone who has ever lost a pet knows that the heartache is real and devastating. That's why our hearts go out to Hilary Duff, who is reeling from the loss of her dog Dubois.


The actress posted a touching tribute to her fallen furry friend on Instagram and, fair warning, it will make you openly sob.

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Video of the Day

"I never let myself imagine what this day would look or feel like. It was us. And we were invincible. I am having to look into your beautiful amber almond shaped eyes and tell you goodbye today. And honestly I would take the pain of losing you 10x over to have had you for even a quarter of that time my dubie." Hilary wrote in a long caption accompanying a video of Dubie. "I know I will move into other parts of my life without you but I am scared.


Hilary is a lifelong animal lover and dog mom to several other furbabies, including the ridiculously cute French bulldog, Peach, her adorable rescue puppy, Momo, and her yorkie, Jack. As she says in her tribute, however, her bond with Dubie was special, and she's clearly feeling the loss in a big way.

Sending love and good vibes to Hilary and her family during this difficult time.