Woman STUNNED To Find Unknown Cat Crawling Out Of Floor Vent

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A staple of the cute side of the interwebs, "not my cat" stories have proliferated wildly over the last couple of years, and thanks to smartphones and mobile devices, they've basically graduated to their own meme status in 2018.


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Even so, a Missouri woman, Brena Clifton, was shocked when she heard mews echoing out from a floor vent in her house.

That prompted her to investigate further, which in turn led to a most unexpected and adorable discovery.


Clifton thought the moment was one worth sharing, so she jumped on Twitter and posted it to her account (as one does).


"Two things: 1. I don’t have a cat............ 2. I DON’T HAVE A CAT," she captioned the hilarious loop (hover over to play).

Because others on the microblogging platform found it equally aww-inducing, a convo quickly popped up around the clip and the takes were almost as funny as the cat's emergence itself.

"Neither of those things are true anymore," wrote a writer with BuzzFeed.

Lots of commenters found it, as the internet likes to say, "very relatable" and soon the thread was overrun with similar stories of rando felines showing up and adopting humans for their own.


"I didn't have a cat either...until last winter when this little guy followed my dogs into the house and never left. 😽❤😺," shared this woman.

"Fed Him 1 Time Now He Lives Here 😩," added another.

"My sister had a kitten do this last year. They kept him. I think he's from hell. He's evil. They call him Merlin. I call him Luci (fer).," opined a 3rd.

Naturally, there were enthusiastic calls to adopt the furry, four-legged interloper.

"Keep the kitty!!," urged a woman.

Alas, it wasn't to be.


In a pair of followup tweets threaded to the original, Clifton revealed that the adventurous tabby lived nearby with a neighbor:

"It already has an owner, dang i’m so distraught."

"Just to let everyone know, the cat is back home with his owner.. so no I did not keep him."

In the end it's probably for the best that the kitty returned to its proper home, but it's a funny episode nonetheless.

Have you ever been surprised to find your have a new roommate? Share your story in the comments below!