Hungry Otter Rooting Around Fridge For Late Night Snack Is All Of Us

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Can otters also crack safes? (Axing 4 a fren)

I, for one, will welcome our new otter overlords.


That's the takeaway from a hilarious new clip in which Cartel, an Asian small-clawed otter, opens a fridge in search of a snack (as one does).

But it gets better: Hopping inside, he roots around for a secret stash of fishies and after locating them, successfully pulls open the vegetable draw (from above no less).


Hold tight, people, we've crossed the Otter Rubicon and things will never be the same again.

Watch the adorable safe cracker in training in the embed below:

When Cartel isn't helping himself to leftovers, he can be found living his best on Instagram, where his adorable antics have drawn a following of 274,000+ fans (don't feel bad, this is the world we live in now).

Here he is reacting to belly rubs:

Doin snugs and a sleepy yawn:

And chasing a ball.

Now, if anyone needs me, I'll be researching how to dig a pool in my backyard so I can adopt an otter. (Is that a thing? If not, it should be!)