Neglected Dog With Matted Coat Gets Desperately Needed Haircut & Sweater Makeover

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A tiny pup forced to live outside during the winter months is sporting a dramatic new look after volunteers at a shelter removed 3 pounds (THREE!) of matted fur over the course of a pair of hours-long grooming sessions.


According to officials with The Anti-Cruelty Society, Chicago's oldest and largest animal welfare organization, the dog's owner was elderly, sick, and struggling to care for him.

Acting on a tip, members of the Society's humane investigation team approached the owner and convinced them to surrender the dog, who's name is Timberly.


Upon his arrival, it became clear that drastic measures would be needed to remove the messy, tangled matts that enveloped his entire body.

In an interview with The Dodo, a spokesperson for the shelter detailed the dog's dire state:


"He was completely covered in mats of hair and he could only see out of one eye due to an overgrowth of hair. He moved very slowly and couldn't walk very far."

When an initial trim revealed the existence of growth close to Timberly's skin, rescuers brought in a professional groomer.


With the help of two other volunteers, the team slowly and methodically removed all of the excess hair over the course of several hours and gave him a followup bath.

Even more remarkable was the pup's patience and trust throughout the ordeal, which is evident in the video embedded below.

Freed of his shaggy shackles, Timberly emerged as a whole new dog — and along with his stunning makeover, came a parallel and immediate improvement in his mental condition and temperament:

"As they were freeing him from the hair, his body relaxed. He started showing affection to the volunteer holding him and we started to see a bit more of his personality come out."

Alas, the freshly-shorn woofer had a new problem: Without all that hair, he was shivering, cold, and learning to adjust to life without his coat (which, to be clear, is expected to grow back).


To remedy this, staffers outfitted Timberly with his very own doggy-sized sweaters (as one does), and well, the results speak for themselves.


While he's still somewhat wary of human contact, volunteers have been socializing Timberly with a steady diet of belly rubs and ear scratches.


And spoiler: It seems to be working!

Despite his ailments and maltreatment, officials with the shelter are optimistic that he'll be re-homed with a new forever family in the coming weeks and months.

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