Corgi Sneaks Away From Human Mom For The Sweetest Reason

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The animals always know, don't they?

That's the question some on the internet are asking after video of a corgi named Cora comforting a grieving man in the Seattle airport during a layover went viral.

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According to a Facebook update posted by Cora's mom, Madison, the adorable Pembroke Welsh pup slipped away when she wasn't looking.

And while this would normally be a stressful ordeal for all dog owners, Madison said the wayward Cora, who lives in Idaho and is training to become a therapy dog, didn't drift far:

"[She] quietly tip toed away from me during our crazy long layover and plopped herself right next to a complete stranger. He gave her scratches, told her how cute she was, and proceeded to take a photo of her."

Or — and this is where things get really BANANAS — without good reason:


"He also shared with us that he lost his beloved dog the night before," she continued (emphasis ours).

"I've never had a doubt that Cora can sense those who are hurting and those who need companionship and love. She is a natural born therapy dog in every way. I am so blessed to call her my dog 💕".

Speaking with BuzzFeed about the unlikely encounter (pictured above), Madison expounded on Cora's innate sense of empathy for others.


"I think she can somehow sense who is experiencing depression, sadness, and loss. She aims to comfort people, it's her favorite thing to do."

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Be it actual magic or something specific to dogs or the corgi breed, it seems Cora has a bright future ahead helping others. How animals can detect pain in others remains a cosmic mystery, but until that day arrives when we get answers, we're just thankful as hell for it.


For more on this caring corgi's incredible story, wag on over to Instagram, where she's most certainly living her very best life.

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