Watch As 4-Week Old Border Collie Puppies Learn To Herd Sheep For The First Time

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People on the internet love to joke that they were "born for this." But in the case of border collie puppies chaperoning livestock, it's not just a funny meme.

That, anyways, is the central takeaway from a trending video posted online by The Irish Post, Ireland's largest newspaper.

The stars of the 2-minute clip: An adorable gaggle of 4-week-old pups trying their hand at the family trade, all under the "watchful eye" of their mum (and human dad).

Though the collies are dwarfed by their "wooly wards," their herding instincts naturally kick in despite a measure of apprehension — and soon enough the much larger sheep fall obediently in line.

The sink-or-swim approach might seem a bit harsh, but as the narrator notes, "a dog that won't chase a sheep has no future as a working dog."


Watch the instinctual magic unfold in the embed below, which is excerpted from a recent episode of Big Week On The Farm, a program that airs weekly on RTE, an Irish broadcaster akin to CBS or NBC.

At Facebook, where the short has been viewed more than 4.2 million times, a lively debate has raged back and forth since it was first uploaded.

Some viewers claim the pups are too young to take on such work, while others have pointed to the breed's long and distinguished pedigree. And then there's a third group of commenters content to share hilarious images of their own collies (working or otherwise).


Exactly like such:

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