Woman’s One-Handed Grab Saves Cuddle Bunny From A Soapy Fate

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The first rule of bunny club is that you don't give bunnies a bath under any circumstances! The water can be traumatic and submerging them can lead to shock or even death, according to the House Rabbit Society.

Video of the Day

While that may be common knowledge amongst rabbit enthusiasts of the human variety, it appears that no one has, well, actually shared this with the bunnies themselves.

Such is the lesson from a trending tweet in which a Georgia woman chilling in a tub has to think quick when her pet rabbit, Tokki, hops from floor to Squatty Potty and then to tub, all in an effort to join her for a good soak.


"I’m just trying to take a bath and my rabbit keeps trying to jump in the tub", she captioned the video which has since been viewed more than 4.12 million times (and retweeted by 83,000+ users).

Here, watch it again in GIF form:

giphy embed

As the clip started to viral out, comments poured in the by the hundreds and the consensus that formed around them was that Tokki was quite possibly the most adorable thing to ever walk the face of the Earth.

"Reason number 51289 why rabbits are too precious for this world", opined this woman.

"MOM I NEED A RABBIT," screamed another with a broken caps lock button.

"Parkour," noted one man in a stoic and economical fashion.

Others were relieved that the close call was just that, and the danger avoided by, okay, you guessed it, just a hare (SORRY NOT EVEN SORRY).

And some just thought that Tokki's behavior was very relatable.

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Tokki's human, 23-year-old Erica Lillard, revealed that the bounding bun was a relatively new addition to her burgeoning household, which also includes a number of fosters: "He's the nicest little guy and always wants to run around .... He's not extremely clingy but sometimes he just wants to be cuddled." (No shame there, Tokki, I feel the same way myself.)


Naturally enough, Lillard sought to capitalize on Tokki's newfound celebrity by opening a dedicated Insta just for him.

Though the account is still in its infancy, it's clear this tiny critter is already living his very best life.

In the wake of the viral attention, Lillard also hopped back on Twitter to thank everyone for all the kind words:

"Oskar/Tokki wants to say thank you to everyone for all the kind words. He loooves attention."

And now if anyone needs me, I'll be building walls around every bathtub in America.