Single & Ready To Mingle: Fiona the Hippo Is Being Courted by a Texas Suitor

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Does America's sweetheart, a/k/a Fiona the hippopotamus, have a new beau?


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That's the question some are asking after zookeepers in Texas tried to play matchmaker with the internet celeb.

The flirting unfolded earlier in the week on Twitter where Timothy, a polite, young semiaquatic mammal residing at the San Antonio Zoo, revealed his secret crush.

And like questions that go unasked, the only bad shots it seems are the ones left untaken:

"Dear Fiona, My name is Timothy. I have seen you on the internet at the Cincinnati Zoo & you are the most beautiful hippo I have ever seen! Perhaps we can meet someday and be boyfriend and girlfriend? I am single and available. Sincerely, Timothy"

Because the internet loves a good, well, love story, fans immediately began "shipping" the would-be couple (don't worry, I had to look it up myself).


"Fiona needs love!! Don’t deny her this!" wrote one woman.

Reminding us that a love unrequited is no love at all, Fiona's handlers crafted a response that was thoughtful but coy and noncommittal:

"Fiona thinks you’re cute too, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts! Your DNA will decide if you’re the one for our little diva. Any potential mate would have to be ok w/ taking a back seat. Are you ok w/paparazzi? Most importantly, are you willing to relocate to Cincinnati?"

As the original tweet snowballed, it didn't take long for commenters on the microblogging platform to start bending all manner of memes and takes around the adorable interaction.


"I'm really excited about the next seasons of #TheBachelor and #TheBachelorette," quipped this man.

"A confident one," joked this guy when people wanted to know more about Timothy's pedigree.

Others felt compelled to share lessons gleaned from their own dating history.

"Start out with a joke, then compliment her but be cool about it," advised this person.

Still, there were some who tried to pump the breaks on the budding couples goals.

"Don't do it, Timothy! Long distance relationships never work!" cautioned this man.

Even if nothing more comes of it, people were impressed with Timothy's confidence.


"Timothy has better game than most of y'all," marveled a local reporter.

Will the pair find true love forever? Only time will tell.

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