23 Cute Dogs Who Will Make You Re-Think Being A Cat Person

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I freaking love cats. It's kind of my thing. But then, I saw these dogs .....

1. Puppies and babies?

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My heart just exploded.


2. Corgis are possibly the cutest dog ever.


3. They are so spunky!

4. So playful!

5. Having a dog definitely has some advantages. Like, a cat would never do this.

6. Wait. Are all German Shepherds this helpful around the house?

Because my cats don't do any of this sh*t.


7. Um.

8. It sure would be nice to have a guard dog!

9. Pomeranian's do have a certain panache.

10. And this little potato is pretty darn cute.

11. Chihuahua's are kind of like cats, right? They're the same size anyway.

12. You can put them in little costumes!

There's no way my cats would let me dress them up.*


13. LOL. More Corgis.

14. And then there's big floofers.

Pretty irresistible.


15. Oh my gosh.

Hims doing a big roar!

16. Cats don't come when you call them.

17. My cats would never do this, even if they could.

18. Oh hello.

19. Starbucks doesn't serve catpuccinos.

20. It's not cute when cats howl. It's kind of annoying.

21. So are you Team Dog, yet or what?

22. BOOP!

23. Just try to put a cat in a swimmy pool.

* Reminder: Not all pets love wearing clothes. If yours is one of them, please don't force the issue.