21 Reasons To Be A Cat Person

I will always be a cat person, and so will you.

1. Furever and ever.

2. Last week, I said some dogs were cute. My cats were offended.

3. I got a long lecture about why cats are better than dogs.

Cat looking very stern, sitting in a chair
credit: BushManKey

4. For some reason, my cats thought this was the most compelling cat fact?

Cat meme
credit: factkitty

5. Um.

cat meme
credit: princessbac0n

6. Cats are better readers than children.

Stupid children.

7. Again, that's just creepy.

Is that a threat?!

8. Okay, but really. There are a lot of great things about cats. Like their noses.

9. Their paws.

Cat paws
credit: jrodmanlive

10. Their alluring eyes.

11. Cool tails.

12. They can take care of themselves, for the most part.

13. They go to the bathroom in a box, so you don't have to let them outside in the middle of the night (like a dog).

14. You'll never need to set your alarm if you have a cat!

15. Living with a cat is like having a built in BFF.

16. You'll never have to go to the bathroom alone.

Cat paw sticking out under bathroom door
credit: jaws918

17. Having a cat is like owning a mini lion. It's very prestigious.

18. Cats have a very good sense of humor.

Cat with dandelions
credit: EbolaSandwich

19. And they are very affectionate.

20. Cats are good at guarding the household from intruders.

21. My cats were also quick to remind me ...

Cat meme
credit: bluginhm

No, they have not forgotten this fact.

22. I still think corgis are adorable, but let's just keep that between us.