21 Reasons To Be A Cat Person

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I will always be a cat person, and so will you.

1. Furever and ever.

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2. Last week, I wrote that some dogs were cute. My cats were offended and took it personally.

3. I got a long lecture about why cats are better than dogs.

4. For some reason, my cats thought this was the most compelling cat fact?

5. They also confessed to being in league with the dark lord. Make of that what you will.

6. Cats are also definitely better readers than children.

Stupid children.


7. Did you know a cat can recognize his owner's foot steps from hundreds of feet away? It's true!

Have fun dropping that strange but true factoid at your next dinner party.


8. Okay, but for reals. There are a lot of great things about cats. Like their noses.

9. Their paws.

10. Those alluring eyes.

11. Cool tails.

Even if they're themselves aren't always sure what to do with them. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

12. They can also take care of themselves, for the most part.

13. They go to the bathroom in a box, so you don't have to let them outside in the middle of the night (like a dog).

14. You'll never need to set your alarm if you have a cat!

15. Living with a cat is like having a built in BFF.

16. You'll never have to go to the bathroom alone.

17. Having a cat is like owning a mini lion. It's very prestigious.

18. Cats have a very good sense of humor.

19. And they are very affectionate.

20. Cats are good at guarding the household from intruders.

Just need to work on the timing, bud.


21. My cats were also quick to remind me that in ancient Egypt, they were considered gods.

No, they have not forgotten this fact.


22. I still think corgis are adorable, but let's just keep that between us 🤫.


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