Just 18 Dogs Carrying Big Things

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1.Smol boi, big pinecone

small dog carrying big pinecone

2. Branch Managing at a 12th grade level.

small dog with part of tree in mouth

3. Judges: "we'll accept it!"

small dog with large bone

4. Interests: enormous logs, long walks on the beach

dog with large log on beach

5. Doin' this pipe a rescue.

dog with large pipe in its mouth in the ocean

6. When you can't make up your mind at the food court

dog with bundle of sticks in mouth

7. (Freeze frame) "Yep, that's me."

dog with large crab toy in mouth

8. "Every walk she tries to take it with us!"

dog with huge tree branch in mouth

9. "I didn't choose the pug life, the pug life chose me."

small Pug with branch in mouth

10. A terrifying boi

small dog with antler in mouth

11. A+ multitasking skills

dog with large bundle of sticks in mouth

12. So proud.

small dog with huge stick in mouth

13. RIP us. Cause of death: cute overload

Rottweiler with umbrella in mouth

14. Proud pup on his way to steal your girl

puppy with big stick in mouth

15. Bone appetit! (Sorry.)

dog with large bone in mouth

16. You'd feel smug, too.

dog with huge branch in mouth

17. "Branches are for amateurs. I'm a #logdog"

dog with log in mouth

18. "Tried to get an even bigger branch...we compromised"

dog among leaves with huge branch in mouth

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1.Smol boi, big pinecone