Just 18 Dogs Carrying Big Things

Because inside every pup is a Branch Manager waiting to get out.

1. Smol boi + big pinecone = all the Awwws!

2. This good boy is still a puppy but he's already Branch Managering at a 12th grade level.

3. Judges: "We'll accept it!"

4. "ISO one fun-loving life partner. Must like sniffing butts, chasing tennis balls, and long walks on the beach."

5. Doin this pipe a rescue.

6. When everything at the food court looks good and you can't make up your mind what to get.

7. * Freeze Frame * "Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got here. It's a long story so let's start at the beginning ..."

8. "U can lewk butt u cant touch"

9. "I didn't choose the pug life, the pug life chose me."

10. "This will really round out my Hela cosplay ..."

11. Multitasking FTW!

12. They go ~everywhere~ together.

13. RIP me. Cause of death: Cute overload!

14. Proud pup on his way to steal yo girl. #strutgoals

15. Bone appetit! (Sozzy, not sozzy.)

16. You'd be proud too.

17. "Branches? Branches are for amateurs. I'm a #logdog."

18. "Tried to get an even bigger branch so we compromised and got this one instead 😂".