Animals 'Critiqued' For Design Flaws Will Leave You LOLing On The Ground

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Evolution moves in mysterious ways.

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That's one lesson from an thought-provoking thread anchored around some of the stranger looking species we share our planet with.

Writing on Twitter, cartoonist and doodler Bob Flynn argued that "some animals" — such as baboons and giraffes — "wouldn't have made it past client review or focus group testing" if humans had any input.

But as he explains in a followup tweet, it's not so much that they're hideous, it's just that sometimes, the customer can be too damn demanding:

"And not because they're ugly. They're just odd enough to have people to chime in with their opinions."

Assuming the persona of a demanding project manager sharing feedback on creative assets, Flynn then presented a series of hypothetical objections all too commonly heard by graphic designers — and they're hilarious.


"I don't like dot eyes."

"I don't like anime eyes."

"The eyebrows are too low."

"Age it up."

"If they're pink they'll only appeal to girls."

"My kid says it looks like a leaf."

"We need to have it model good behavior."

As the thread started to trend on the microblogging platform, other commenters adopted a similar voice, sharing examples of their own along with reasons why they would be vetoed.


"I'm not crazy about the colors. Also, can we make it... cuter?" quizzed this man.

"My favorite weird floppy mola molas," wrote a woman.

"Aye Ayes have it 😘," added another.

However anecdotal, there's likely some truth in Flynn's design-fail-by-committee argument — that is, if this precocious preteen is to be believed:

"I can't speak for the others, but here's photo evidence of the fish in your first tweet failing focus group testing. My 5yo was quite unimpressed."

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