Dog's Nap Rudely Interrupted By His Own Snores

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Meet Moose.


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He's a mixed breed pup who lives with his human mom, Alexis Waclawski, near Bowling Green, Ohio.

Like most pets and their owners, the duo can often be found cuddling together. Late last week, they were doing just that, only Moose was snoring. Loudly. To document the moment, Waclawski reached for her mobile device and set its camera to record.

As if on cue, the two-year old rescue — who was adopted from a nearby humane society in 2017 — startled himself awake. Even more hilarious was the derpy, what-fresh-hell-is-this expression on his face.


The Ohio woman then posted the nine-second clip to Twitter, where she figured her friends might get a kick out of it:

"His own snoring woke him up and I cannot stop laughing,"  captioned her tweet.

Much to Waclawski's surprise, the video quickly snowballed into a viral juggernaut on the microblogging platform, where it tallied thousands of retweets and more than 5,000,000 views before spilling over to the social web.

Finding Moose's behavior both comical and relatable, commenters quickly bent the jolted doggo around all manner of memes, takes, and jokes.


"Not to be dramatic but i would die for Moose 😭," quipped this woman.

"When you’re asleep in class and you you do that jump thingy we all do then wake up and look around knowing everybody saw you," shared this man.

Naturally enough, it also prompted others to share video of their own pets sawing logs.

In an interview with her local newspaper, The Blade, the Ohio woman explained that surge of interest in Moose was so overwhelming that she had to disable notifications on her phone.

She also reflected on his unlikely celebrity status:

“He makes me smile all the time, that’s why I got him in the first place. Now I guess he’s making literally millions of other people smile too.”

Keep the dream alive, Moose, keep the dream alive.